Roof Repairs

Roof repairs are not always expected or planned. Storms, trees, and damage can be a bit overwhelming. However, we have worked with many insurance companies and clients to get their roof repaired in a timely fashion.

Roof repairs can get costly if not covered by the insurance. Most are, however, if its because of age or neglect then probably not. Things like improper installation from the beginning can break down the roof’s integrity and cause damage.

Valleys and fashed areas are chimneys are usually where this sort of damage is seen. If your roofs valleys are looking a bit shabby, we recommend you call for an inspection.

Letting a worn roof go unfixed can cause large amounts of damage. Water can get into the internal structure of the home where mold forms. This is a time that proactivity can really save a lot of cash in the end.

Roof repairs can mean more than just the shingles. Things such as the Flashing, Fascia, Soffit, structure and Gutter area should be looked at as well. Look for sponging areas that the roof has failed. And inspect the interior of the attic space when needed. Leaving a roof in poor conditions can really turn into a quick nightmare in little time.

Roof inspections by a qualified roofer can help. The roof should look from the road clean and well maintained. If the roof is showing signs of aging, it should be inspected. Sometimes, the amount of sun or shade a particular roof gets can make it grown fungi or mold. This is easily cleaned and if cleaned properly will extend the life of the roof.

Roof Damage Repair

Signs of roof damage are objects sticking out of the roof, buckling shingles, discoloration, damaged flashing and more. Not fixing these issues in a timely fashion could certainly increase the overall cost. Even, if the damage is really bad, you may need to consider a new roof instead of a roof repair.

As time goes on, the water will seep in and damage the interior structure of the home. It can also lead to mold growth and other issues that everyone wants to avoid. If you think you are looking at a new roof it is better to have a qualified roofing company out to investigate before it gets worse.

Storm Damage

Storms and hail can cause damage to the roofs. Often times this is prominent in certain areas. If your area was hit by storms, roofers can get busy. However, we can come out and do an inspection and offer assistance with your insurance company. And, there are options to protect the home until we can get out to make the permanent solution. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss the options available.

If a tree falls on your home. Safely evacuate everything living within it. A tree laying on a home is not safe to be in, even if it’s in only one corner. The structure wasn’t made to hold that sort of weight. Remember to take your pets as well, as there is potential the home could collapse. And, call us immediately. We can come and assess the damage and provide a solution, both for quick relief and overall repair.


  • I found the roofing specialist from Precision Roofers was really knowledgeable about Mid Cities Roofing's products and services. He carefully listened to what I said and did quality work within my budget. The shingle replacement process was very smooth as well. I would definitely recommend Precision Roofers!
    Tony Johnson
  • Work was absolutely done very well and I'm truly loving my new roof. I would definitely use Precision Roofers again in the future! I highly recommend them!
    Mark Simon
  • What can I say? ... Excellent!. The team showed up early, on time, and completed a demanding job in one single day. They made sure they cleaned up everything before they left. I wouldn't hesitate to hire them again. My sibling will be using them to replace her old roof.
    Philip Ross
  • To my surprise, everything went really smooth without any lag. Timed the work to be done in an orderly manner to avoid any sort of rework. Everything was just perfect!
    Katrina Johnson
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