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We are a national roofing company located in the UK. With our offices all over the National United Kingdom, it allows us to be ready when you are. We are happy to offer reasonable rates for quality work. If we happen to not offer a service in your area we will be happy to refer you to a local partner.

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Homeowners & Insurance Companies

We work with many homeowners and their insurance companies to get the repairs your roof needs. This can Often time at no cost to the homeowner. Working in the roofing industry allows us to understand what the insurance companies will want. This is a great advantage to the homeowner.


We are a National United Kingdom (UK) company. And, have locations around the UK and if for some reason we do not have someone in your area, we will refer you to one of our local partners!


The response time of 24 hours or less from call to quote and/or inspection


No hidden charges – We provide a thorough inspection if repairs work is needed and reasonable rates for our quality work. In many cases, we can charge the insurance first.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We have helped Thousands Of Homeowners With roofing damages and also help several constructions for new builds

Do you have a new construction build that you need a roof put on? We work with new builds as well as roofing repairs and new roofs. We live and work in the UK. This helps us to understand the weather changes and things that can have a direct effect on your roof. Roof repairs are not complicated and can be done rather quickly in some cases. Other times, the roof will need to be replaced. We offer free roof inspections to help determine if we can do a simple fix or if there is further damage that will require replacement. Our dedicated staff knows roofs and the signs to look for when inspecting them.

Don’t take a chance with the insurance adjuster. Have a professional inspect your roof for damage. Often times there is more damage than meets the eye. Water can get in and filter down the beams or mice can invade, these are things we look for as well as the damage.

And, it doesn’t matter what type of roof you are interested in. We work with tiled, lead and flat roofs, metal, asphalt in the Residential and Commercial areas. Your roof is responsible for protecting your assets and it should not be left in disrepair. The longer you wait to replace your roof the more damage to the home it can cause. Let our expert team come out and give you an estimate. Having your roof inspected doesn’t cost you anything and it’s important to have done from time to time. We offer free inspections as well as quotes.

And, we respond in 24 hours or less after you call. This is important as your roof cannot wait if it has storm damage it’ll need covered right away. Our expert team can have your roof inspected and quoted quickly to ensure the least amount of damage is done. Getting your roof repaired in a timely fashion can save major headaches on down the road. And, most of the time the insurance company will pay for the repairs, so there aren’t any out of pocket or very little out of pocket expenses for you the homeowner.

If you are considering putting up a shed, garage or outbuilding, it will need a roof as well. We are happy to discuss not only your home or business but any building that you may have. We work with many different kinds of roofs as well as the various sizes from huge Commercial designs to the smaller tool shed in the back. Having your roof installed professional and properly will last for many years to come.

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  • I found the roofing specialist from Precision Roofers was really knowledgeable about Mid Cities Roofing's products and services. He carefully listened to what I said and did quality work within my budget. The shingle replacement process was very smooth as well. I would definitely recommend Precision Roofers!
    Tony Johnson
  • Work was absolutely done very well and I'm truly loving my new roof. I would definitely use Precision Roofers again in the future! I highly recommend them!
    Mark Simon
  • What can I say? ... Excellent!. The team showed up early, on time, and completed a demanding job in one single day. They made sure they cleaned up everything before they left. I wouldn't hesitate to hire them again. My sibling will be using them to replace her old roof.
    Philip Ross
  • To my surprise, everything went really smooth without any lag. Timed the work to be done in an orderly manner to avoid any sort of rework. Everything was just perfect!
    Katrina Johnson
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